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A case study is an examination of a specific subject with recommendations of sol

A case study is an examination of a specific subject with recommendations of solutions. You are tasked with examining a current (within the past 3 years) diversity issue that is prevalent in today’s economy and workforce. 
You will choose a U.S. company or organization to research, identify a particular issue that is affecting (pros and cons) the company, and its apparent approach to managing the potential issues. 
Examples of diversity issues can include a lack of minorities and women in leadership, unequal pay, and hiring discrimination, and examples of well-known companies struggling to maintain diversity include Google, Facebook, Amazon, and numerous large banks and tech companies. While these examples offer a starting place, you may select an organization and issue that interests you. 
The outline is listed below: 
Introduction: State the name of the chosen organization and the basis of the diversity issue(s) facing the company. State the profile/bio of the company, including name, leaders, mission and vision statement, and the corporate responsibility statement that includes their stance on diversity. 
Key Issues: Identify key issues of the problem(s), and write a solid thesis statement in one to three sentences. Describe the problem(s) and the significance of the issues’ effect on the overall organizational mentality. 
Background Information: Incorporate relevant issues and detailed facts of the problem. Present how changing demographic makeups have affected this issue or issues. List one to five factors of a potentially problematic issue. 
Present the norms of organizational diversity. 
Discuss microaggression discrimination that is occurring in the workplace and if it is occurring in your chosen organization. Provide examples as to why or why not.
Provide possible solutions for the problem(s). Outline the most viable solution for each factor of the problem(s), and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages. 
Summarize a realistic answer to the problem(s). Justify the rationale of the solution(s), explaining why the solution(s) is the best, supported with solid evidence. 
Recommendations: State-specific leadership strategies to accomplish the solution(s). Provide further actions and the outline of the implementation plan of the solution. 
Your completed case study should be a minimum of five pages in length. A title page or reference pages do not count toward this requirement.?Please label each part of your case study according to the outline listed above. 
You are required to use at least four outside sources, two of which must be from the CSU Online Library. 
All sources used must have in-text citations and references properly formatted in APA 7th Style. APA 7th formatting of your paper is also required. 

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