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2nd Speech—The Tribute Speech (10% of your grade) is 5-7 minutes long and includ

2nd Speech—The Tribute Speech (10% of your grade) is 5-7 minutes long and includes a minimum of three (3) sources cited OUT LOUD during the speech.
One of the forms of public speaking that we do not do enough is paying tribute to another human being. There are many occasions for giving a tribute:  family gatherings, weddings, graduations, retirements, special birthdays, etc. This presentation will be an opportunity for you to practice such a speech.
Choose someone important to you—who touched your life or impressed you—and share three aspects about this individual. The person (should be researchable) you choose could be a family member, friend, teacher, coach, pastor, musician, writer, sports celebrity, etc. The honoree must be living (the assignment is not a eulogy).
Please review the Phylicia Rashād Outline Preparation outline example and the PowerPoint presentation.
For this speech, you will identify one interesting person and prepare a 5-7 minute speech on this person. 
Although you must deal with biographical data to some extent, this speech’s fundamental purpose is to inform the listeners and to arouse and heighten their appreciation for the person you are praising.
Must orally cite 6 different sources within your speech.
The oral citations used within your speech must be in your Reference section (APA Format).
Dress professionally, stand, and present your speech (must see you from the floor up, if possible).
Your preparation outline is a complete sentence outline.
Pay attention to the outline format.
Each main point, sub-point, etc… must be one sentence unless it is a citation.
Keep your citations short and concise (no more than 2 sentences). 
Use a delivery outline (it must be on your notecards while presenting your speech).
Extra Credit: Successfully design and employ a PowerPoint presentation for and within your speech (10 points)
Remember, you need a live audience of 6 over the age of 16.
Helpful Links: 
GoReact Help Link (video recording checklist)
GoReact Help Link (recording your speech presentation)
GoReact Help Link (adding slides to your recording of your presentation)
GoReact Help Link: (steps to submit to a comment-only assignment)
Preparation Outline (must use complete sentences)
Reference Section (APA Format)

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