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(1)A Title Page which succinctly captures the essence of your proposed research.

(1)A Title Page which succinctly captures the essence of your proposed research.
(2) Introduction – The introduction should state the explicitly the problem, theme, or topic that
drives the research. The introduction should also offer an argument for why it is an
important, relevant topic of study, and it should give a brief overview of the overall
(3) Theoretical Framework/Contextual Literature – This section should situate your proposed
topic in the context of relevant theory and research. In particular, this section should
explain: (i) the theory behind the project you plan to conduct; and (ii) what drives or informs
the goals of the project. You should also provide a critical review of the literature that
relates to your identified research topic.
(4) Research Question(s) – This section should state clearly the research question(s) you are
hoping to answer with your proposed research project.
(5) Research Design/Methods – This section should outline your research design and the
methods that you intend to employ in your dissertation. In this section, you should include a
brief discussion of the following points:
 The targeted sample population (e.g. companies or stock markets) and how they
are/ were chosen
 The methods you will use to collect the data (e.g. interviews, questionnaires,
 The types of data analysis you will use. In this section, you need to make it clear
whether you intend to use qualitative or quantitative methods to analyse your data
 Discuss briefly the validity of your findings – that is, how might you be wrong/ what
are the threats to validity?
 Where relevant, you should consider any ethical issues associated with your
proposed study
(6) Conclusion – In this section, you should outline the implications of your work. That is, you
should consider what you think the impact of your results will be and how might your results
be informative and to whom.
(7) References – Your assignment should include a full list of references cited in your proposal in
the Harvard style
Please make the study as narrow as possible and apt. It is a research proposal. Minimum use of AI. It would be good to build on a previous study.

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