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1.  The three qualities that I think are essential for an intentional teacher a

1.  The three qualities that I think are essential for an intentional teacher are reflectiveness, adaptability, and purposefulness.

Reflection: An intentional teacher possessing this quality can allow for the review of their various teaching methods and materials to determine whether they are contributing to the overall success and understanding of their students. This quality can also be used to help with the growth and development of the teacher and to build motivation in their classroom.

Adaptability: An intentional teacher with an adaptability quality allows the teacher to integrate and be flexible when it comes to the individual needs of their students. This quality helps to build a classroom that is inclusive and responsive. 

Purposefulness: An intentional teacher with the purposefulness quality ensures that teachers are mindful of the different educational goals, set clear objectives, and consider the needs of each student when creating different activities or lesson plans in the classroom.

There is so much importance when it comes to intentional teaching. Intentional teaching is important because it is focused on specific learning objectives being achieved by all students (Salvin, 2018). Intentional teaching can allow students to achieve more, keep students interested in different topics, enhance their understanding, and allow them to develop new skills and methods towards problem-solving and critical thinking (Salvin, 2018). Intentional teaching is also important because, through the different uses of reflective practice, building strong relationships, adaptability, and planful material, it can create a classroom that is well-rounded, inclusive, and successful for each student. When intentional teachers incorporate new learning methods and materials with the continuous thinking process of how these materials can benefit their students, this helps to set a clear direction and purpose for their teaching strategies (Salvin, 2018). 

An intentional teacher that I have personally encountered was my English teacher in my junior year of high school. This teacher was very mindful and eager to see the success of each of her students. While being in this class, there were a few times when students did not grasp the material that she was teaching, which then made her change her course of action to find new teaching methods that would help the students who were confused to better understand the lessons and materials. In this class, each day before the bell rang, this teacher would ask us to fill out a short survey about the different materials and topics that we learned during class that day. The teacher did this to ensure that each student grasped the material being taught each day in her class. This teacher also made clear and distinctive learning plans to ensure the success of all the students. I appreciated the efforts of this teacher because she showed different qualities of thoughtfulness, determination, motivation, flexibility, care, reflectiveness, and determination. This teacher made a huge impact on my learning abilities and taught me how to use different methods when unable to grasp certain information.

.2.  Three qualities that I feel are intentional in teaching are;

Purposefulness: As an Intentional teacher, I should always have a clear purpose and goal for my teaching; by having a clear purpose and goal, I can carefully plan lessons and activities, which ensures alignment with objectives and the desired outcome.

Reflection: As an intentional teacher, I must regularly reflect on my teaching practices and the outcome of the lesson plan. I would analyze what worked well and what could be improved and use the information to adjust and enhance my teaching approach.

Flexibility: As an intentional teacher, I should be flexible and adaptable with my teaching methods. I would modify my plans based on the needs of my students, unexpected circumstances, or new information that arises during my teaching. This type of flexibility allows me to respond to the dynamic nature of the learning environment effectively.

Intentional teaching is important because it increases student engagement, improving student motivation, participation, and overall academic performance. 
Affects learning outcomes: this approach targets helping students achieve desired learning outcomes and acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. 
Personalized learning and growth: this ongoing professional learning and development benefits both me as a teacher and the students by fostering a culture of continuous improvement in the learning environment.

There was this one teacher that I can remember who was an intentional teacher, Mrs. Blassingam. I believe she was my fifth-grade teacher. I remember her the way I do because of her professional style of dealing with me. Her intentional and professional teaching style inspired me to excel academically and instilled in me a lifelong love for learning and personal growth. I am grateful for her impact on my educational journey and the valuable skills and knowledge she imparted to me.

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