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1. All files are to be submitted as Word or .pdf documents. 2. Use 12 point

1. All files are to be submitted as Word or .pdf documents.
2. Use 12 point font in Times Roman style.
3. Use .5 (1/2 inch) inch margins on top, bottom, and both sides.
4. Left justify the text with the right side “ragged” (not full-justification).
5. Start each new paragraph sentence with an indentation.
6. Bold major headings and indent the headings 5 spaces from the left margin. For subheadings, please Italicize the heading, indent 5 spaces additionally under the major headings.
7. Supply a separate Cover Sheet with the following information: Balanced on the page from the top and bottom: Above the official First Line, type the number of the Short Paper (Short Paper #3). First official line, center the topic of your paper (will be supplied in each short paper, always use Upper and Lower case (first letter of words are Upper, subsequent letters are lower). Double space under the title and add your first and last name in upper and lower case, again centered. Double space under your name and add the Date in this format: Month, day, year. Double space under the date and add the Term (Summer 20XX). Double space under the Term and Add the Name of the Course, HFT 2890–International Food and Culture. This page will NOT have a page number. This is page is not included in the total pages required. Total pages (no more than 5) does NOT include the Title Page nor References page.
8. Supply a separate sheet to be attached at the end of your paper titled, References (APA Style formatting). The page is not numbered nor included in the number of content pages required.
9. You will be given the topics of each and major headings for all Short Papers. You can supply sub-headings (encouraged, but do not use to purposefully extend the paper’s length with too many). You must write at least three pages of content, but no more than five. Word will auto space, so there should be no single spacing in the document. Follow the directions, write to your CM if you have questions.
A Sample Paper Approved by the Author is provided at this link:
The sample paper has the Identifier of the Short Paper #1 on the Cover Page on the same line as the Title, we have updated the directions, so please place the number of the Short Paper above the Title on the Cover page and do not number the Reference page.
Rachel Newcomb Paper for Sample.pdf
10. Number the pages of the body of the paper. The page numbers are to be centered at the bottom of the page. Check your paper for proper spelling, grammar, and proper syntax. Points are deducted for failing to make the corrections.
Do not use slang such as the word, “like”, “Oh yeah”, etc. or colloquialism. You must not write as you speak, but write on a collegiate level using scholarly verbiage. Points will be deducted for failing to meet the writing criteria for each paper.
12. As stated, supply a separate Reference at the end of your paper. It can be numbered as the last page of your document. It is not included in the 3-5 pages of content text required.
Place this above the Title of the Paper on the Cover Sheet: Short Paper #3
Topic of Paper: West Africa and India Strengths and Weaknesses
Major Heading #1: Location of West Africa and India and the Geographic Overview of Each. Discuss the vast land masses of each country, explaining the mountain ranges, water sources, and climate as related to economic impact, crop production, and imports/exports enjoyed by each. What products do both countries import and export (you may have access the Internet for in-depth information).
Major Heading #2: History and Culture: Interesting Differences. Describe the History and Culture of each country and include the religions, music and holidays observed. Point out the difference of each and explain the reason why certain behaviors are practiced. What ideas, beliefs, or behaviors are the most interesting to you and which would you like to witness or take part should you visit?
Major Heading #3: Food From Afar. What foods are considered indigenous to both countries, what are their dining practices, what are the “dos and don’ts” when dining in each country and what would you most like to try should you visit? Do you know of any African or Indian restaurant that you would either like to try or would recommend as having fabulous food? Tell us!
Do not forget the number of content pages and separate pages for the Cover Sheet and Reference Page as you have done previously.

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2. Use 12 point appeared first on essaynook.com.

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